One of the most exciting features that creates the ultimate visual effect.

This newest firework machine is available for your next event.

It’s a cold spark fountain with multiple features and above all it’s non-flammable, so it’s very safe! It doesn’t give off any smells or smoke, thus making it safe to use for both indoor or outdoor events.

• Up to 10 minutes of shoot time.

• Fountain can shoot in 90 second intervals.

• Height is adjustable from 1 - 5 meteres.

LED Dancefloor Color Toronto.jpg


This new Smart LED dance floor is bound to get guests on the dance floor. It adds a surprising and dazzling feature to the room.

As soon as the guests step onto it a new type dancing and light interaction with the dance floor is experienced like never before. Rental of the Smart LED dance floor in Toronto does include the installation and tear down service.

This new type of dance floor is great feature for weddings, corporate events and birthdays.

Description: 16 x 16 feet and other size options. Has multicoloured light displays.

Contact us now for pricing and further details.

dry ice machine Toronto.jpg


This dry ice machine creates a dancing on the clouds effect.

Add it to your package for your first dance.

Dry ice flows out across the dance floor and stays at below knee level.


LED Foam Sticks

Our high quality LED foam sticks are sure to add more class, brightness and fun to your event.

Popular for parties, concerts, nightclubs, weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs and much more.

Description: 40cm x 4.8cm with an impressive 6 color mode function.

Contact us now for pricing and to place your order (Pickup in Toronto).



TI Bots - robot smoke wedding entertainment toronto.jpg


Hire our impressive 8 to 10 foot led robots for your event. A grand visual experience to impress your guests with one the newest entertainment ideas around.

It’s sure to boost the party atmosphere at your event, surprise the guests and have them super excited about interacting, dancing or taking snaps with a TI Bot.

A great entertainment choice for corporate events, weddings, milestone birthdays and more.